31 Aug 2016

5 Ways to Generate Awesome Photos and Videos from Cameras Tablet

Not only through the smartphone’s camera, some of you may still be using the camera embedded in a tablet device to capture the beautiful moments. Like a smartphone, most tablets also equipped with camera specifications are fairly competent. However, the wide body makes most of you – especially the size of the smaller Asian hands […]
23 Aug 2016

Dismantling Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Some time ago, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States that makes the Samsung fans curious. Galaxy Note 7 is a flagship device that has been eagerly awaited his presence. This then makes the people at iFixit curious about the components used in the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet 7. They also dismantle […]
18 Aug 2016

Windows 10 will bring Hologram features next year

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, announced its collaboration with Microsoft to bring the concept of mixed reality to the PC. In the keynote session at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) 2016 in San Francisco, Krzanich call Terry Myerson, Executive VP of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group to climb onto the stage. On that occasion reveal Myerson, […]
25 Jul 2016

Armed with Artificial Intelligence, Google Save Electricity 40 Percent

Google claimed to have reduced power consumption of its data centers by up to 15 percent thanks to the support of one of the artificial intelligence department, DeepMind. DeepMind algorithm was able to arrange and cut energy requirements in the data center. For information, the data center is a facility to process the data consumed […]
14 Jul 2016

Complete Guide How to Play Pokemon Go

Among the many that you definitely want to know how to play Pokemon Go, right? Yes, Pokemon Go has now become a ‘virus’ for gamers in most parts of the world. Because, after some long delays, Pokemon Go finally officially launched, though not globally. Well, I will present an article on how to play Pokemon […]
20 Jun 2016

Looked 18 Years Journey Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo made a big overhaul of the short messaging service, Yahoo Messenger (YM). The Company closed the old application versions YM and replace them with the latest ones. According to the recent announcement of Yahoo, the company officially closed the old school version of Messenger. Users may still be downloaded from several websites software, but […]
9 Jun 2016

Anti-UAV Defense System, to disable the drones from a distance of 10 kilometers

The use of drones can be said today is flourishing, because besides the price that could be said to be populist, drones now offers a range of features that make the controller to fly freely and easily. But on the other hand the use of drones widely abused, as to stake out the house or […]