27 May 2016

5 Excess store photos in Cloud storage

Sometimes we have ever experienced a collection of photos on the phone is lost. Whether because of the memory card that suddenly breaks down or does not deliberately to reset, all memorable photographs is lost. In addition to performing regular backups to a personal laptop, in the era of Internet of Things (IOT) is no […]
14 May 2016

5 New Features of Whatsapp on Android

Good news for users WhatsApp on Android. Recent updates WhatsApp on Android now offers five (5) new features. The fifth of these features will certainly increasingly pamper users. What are those features? Check out his review below. 1. Respond to new messages directly from the notification With this feature, users need not go into WhatsApp […]
10 May 2016

These technologies make hand skin as a screen smartwatch

One of the challenges of the current smartwatch screen is too small to operate freely. It is not without reason because smartwatch size typically have a diameter of 245 millimeters. However, a group of researchers from Carnegie Mello University recently has managed to find the solution of the problem. Group called Future Interfaces Group took […]
4 May 2016

Chat via Skype Could Translated Directly

Skype Translator that Microsoft introduced a few years ago a separate application for Windows 8. However, Microsoft is now pinned on the new features directly in the Skype desktop version that can run on Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. Skype Translator allows users to instantly translate conversations conducted via video call. This new […]
26 Apr 2016

5 Advantages of Android than the iPhone

Many people assume that the iPhone is a smartphone with all the exclusivity premium segment offers. While Android-based smartphones available in a variety of options, ranging from premium grade precious exorbitant, up to the cost-festive under $ 100. Both the iPhone and Android smartphones compete well in the market. Despite the fact that Android smartphone […]
19 Apr 2016

13 Questions Weirdest Twitter Cs for prospective employees

Many people probably never dreamed of becoming employees in companies that changed the world, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Google. Of course, it is not easy to assume the status of employees in these companies. In fact, it was rumored that the three are quite frequently asked questions ‘eccentric’ that forced the applicant to rack […]
12 Apr 2016

4 Days newly released, Miitomo downloaded 1.4 million

Already a year ago Nintendo reported its plans to enter the world of mobile games. First released for the Japanese market, the first game Nintendo named Miitomo have already reached the figure of 1 million downloads in just a few days. After earning weekly figures are unusually high only in Japan, Nintendo also released Miitomo […]